Jolly Good Company was founded to be the first choice of creators and enterprises seeking help in finding competitive, ethical, and trusted global manufacturing partners.

We are a B2B enterprise that has successfully provided solutions to niche fashion entrepreneurs, creators and producers who wish to seamlessly connect with established global manufacturing partners for the production of their fashion products. Ever since we began operations, we have been steadfast in helping budding and talented fashion entrepreneurs secure competitive prices in an ethical way for their unique, creative fashion manifestations.

With a deep understanding of the way the fashion industry operates, we also realized the gap that existed in the global supply chain. We act as a trustworthy, knowledgeable bridge bringing together creators and producers of niche fashion merchandise. We help them work in unison to achieve a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

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Ramesh was born in India and immigrated to the US to pursue higher education with a plane ticket and $200 from his father. His sister loaned him his first semester fees to give him a head start. He gained a full scholarship to finish the rest of his graduate schooling. Along the way, he worked at odd jobs to pay for his meals and rent.

He graduated first class in Textile Engineering from P.S.G Tech, India, in 1989. He is a Masters graduate in Textile, Clothing & Design from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in 1994. He earned Lean Six Sigma Certification from Villanova University, Pennsylvania, in 2009 and most recently earned his Executive Leadership Certification from Cornell University, New York in 2023.

Ramesh is a visionary with thirty plus years of progressive experience in successfully leading global sourcing and manufacturing operations for Multi-Billion Dollar Fashion Corporations. His highly adaptive and flexible nature has enabled him to lead multicultural teams across different continents. Ramesh is a Liverpool fan and loves the poetry of Rumi. Ramesh and his wife, Jan, live in New Jersey, and they have two sons, Jordan and Nikhil.



If your answer is a yes for most of the questions below, Jolly Good Company is here to help.

  • Are you a creative rock star?
  • Have you cracked the product market fit?
  • Your growth is stupendous. Yet you have a small supportive team and juggling several tasks yourself.
  • You lack dedicated global supply partners who can match your demand in an extremely professional manner
  • Your lookout for trusted partners has only resulted in frustrations and dead ends.

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